How it works

Dover Rug & Home offers expert repairs and restoration of your rugs. Cost estimates are provided to the customer before work commences. Dover Rug & Home recommends that rugs used in high traffic areas be professionally maintained once every two to three years. The professional repair and restoration process includes: re-weaving or repairing worn spots, replacing worn fringes, and moth protection.

Dover Rug & Home offer delivery, pickup and laydown services of all hand-knotted rugs.


Having been in the rug business for many years, we know that rugs require special care and maintenance. Regular cleanings must be done to protect the rug’s beauty and value. Each rug has its own characteristics to consider, such as age, weave, condition, and type of soils, when determining the cleaning method. At Dover Rug & Home, we have the hands-on experience and expertise to identify your rug’s characteristics. We pledge to take care of your rugs for as long as you own them.

Whether it is a routine cleaning or a full restoration, our services enhance the beauty and prolong the life of the rug. Just a reminder: your rugs are cleaned at our own facility, by our own experienced staff of many years. We never send your rugs out to others, because like you, we only trust us.

The very first of it’s kind: A Care and Cleaning Brochure, which is broken down by fiber content and construction type. And suggests how to clean and maintain your rugs. Wool, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, tencel, and viscose are all covered, as well as special circumstances for shags, etc.

These are only suggestions; Dover Rug & Home does not guarantee the outcome of these treatments and will not be held liable for the outcome.


Our rug appraisals are more than just a size and a value. We want you to learn something about your rug. Believe it or not, there is quite a bit of history in your rugs that you may not even know. Of course, as professional rug appraisers, we urge you to keep your insurance records updated. Call or email to schedule an appraisal and we will send one copy for you and one for your insurance company.

We define the appraised retail replacement value of a rug to be the total amount it would take to replace the rug. We take into account a rug’s availability as well as its consumer demand calculated, in our professional opinion, based on factors such as origin, quality, colors and condition.

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