Truck Art Knows No Bounds

Dover was thrilled to welcome acclaimed truck artist Haider Ali to our Natick location last Friday. The “king of Pakistani truck painting” lent his time to give a crowd of fans insight into his truly dynamic truck art—where it came from, how it is done, and most importantly, what it means on a global scale. If you missed it, here’s a little of what we learned.
Haider Ali's work on display at the truck art presentation

Some of Haider Ali’s work was on sale at the presentation. 

The vibrant scenes unfold on vehicles across the world: from the metamorphosed 1976 Bedford on permanent display in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. to the India-Pakistan friendship van he painted for the Museum of Peace in India. Crossing these borders is no accident: Ali’s art brings a message of unity and encourages peace and pluralism on the South Asian continent. Riotous color and blooming images sit alongside messages of harmony and love, often written in Hindi, Urdu, and English to underline that his art transcends the binds of language—and of nationality. He emphasizes: “Hamre art ko koi qaid nahin hai.” (Our art knows no bounds, neither of ideas nor of locations.)

 Haider Ali with Mahmud Jafri in front of some of his truck art

Haider Ali poses with journalist Beena Sarwar and Dover CEO Mahmud Jafri.

But even with a serious message, Ali is cheerful and optimistic. He reminisces about designs and slogans drivers have requested: one demanded Bruce Lee be painted on the side of his truck, another wanted a portrait of Bollywood star Mamta Kulkarni, and still others opt for jokes and “bumper sticker” phrases written in Urdu, Hindi, and English. As CEO of Phool Patti—an independent company working to promote Pakistani truck art around the world—Ali has already inspired thousands around the world with his message of peace, beauty, and creativity. We at Dover were honored to be part of this incredible artistic movement and look forward to greater visibility for Pakistani truck art in the future!

truck artist Haider Ali in front of some of his truck art

The truck artist himself! All smiles as he poses in front of some of his work.