Defining Space With Area Rugs

Closed, confined rooms are a thing of the past! Nowadays, people are looking for open floor plans because they allow for maximum natural lighting and feel a lot more spacious. While it is great to have a large, airy room, it is important to create defined spaces in your room or else it will feel disjointed and unwelcoming. The best way to break down your room is with area rugs. For each sitting area, dining area, and other space that you would like to set apart use a different area rug. If you carefully consider the sizes, colors, and patterns of these rugs you will be able to define spaces within your room while also pulling together design elements for one cohesive look.

To keep your room visually appealing, you will want to vary the sizes of your area rugs. If you use rugs that are the same size your room will end up looking crowded and disorganized. Using a few different sizes will look more natural and planned. Choose sizes that compliment the space you are trying to define as well as the furniture within that space. A good rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is large enough to fit all of the furniture on it or the front legs of the furniture.


A unifying color is also crucial when using multiple area rugs in the same room. You don’t need to feel limited to one color but you do need to be sure you have one color that links all of your rugs for design coherence. Without this common color your rugs will clash.


Patterns can also help link the separate spaces within your room together. If you want to incorporate a bold pattern it works best to use it on your largest rug. From there, you can pull one color from the patterned rug to incorporate into the smaller, more subtly patterned rugs in the room. This will keep your room from feeling too busy and overwhelming.


Using multiple rugs in the same room may seem like a design faux pas but as long as you consider size, color, and pattern it may just be the best thing for your space.

What Shaped Rug is Right For You?

When it comes to the shape of area rugs you don’t have to be a square. Although the rectangular area rug is overwhelmingly the most popular, you can still explore other options, including circles. However, it is important to note that circle rugs won’t work everywhere and getting it wrong could mean throwing off your entire room. For that reason, it is essential to know when to incorporate rectangular and square rugs versus when to incorporate circle rugs.


Rectangular and square rugs will work in most cases and bring a traditional feel to any room. Most rooms are rectangular, which means rectangular rugs are going to mimic the design and enhance the room as a whole. However, you need to be a bit more selective when placing circle rugs. These rugs tend to work best in foyers, children’s rooms, dining rooms with round tables, and more informal settings and create a contemporary feel while adding personality and intrigue.


If you’re having difficulty deciding which shape is right for you, there are ways to better visualize your options before making a purchasing decision. All you need is paper and string. To picture a rectangular rug and decide which size you need, place four pieces of paper where you would want the corners of your rug to be. If you’re happy with what you see you can measure from end to end to determine the size you need and start shopping! If something doesn’t seem right you can adjust the corners to a different size or you can consider circle rugs. To visualize a round rug, create a circle with a piece of string. Remember to try out different sized circles until you are completely happy. Once you are, you can measure from one side of the circle to the other to know the size you are looking for.

There is no question that traditional rectangular area rugs are timeless but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to be daring with circles.