Rug Cleaning Tips for Emergency Situations

Rugs should be treated as works of art. They are prized pieces and such treasured possessions must be treated delicately and carefully. However, accidents do happen, especially if your home is filled with kids and pets. When your rug does get dirty, it’s important to know exactly how to best clean it and preserve the value and beauty of your rug.

It’s always best to be prepared for any rug emergency before it actually happens. It’s a good idea to assemble an emergency kit in advance so you’ll be able to effectively handle any disaster that comes your rug’s way. You should have all the basic essentials on hand, like Woolite, Oxygen bleach, grease solvent (dry cleaning fluid or spot remover), nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, turpentine, and club soda. These household items work wonders on small spills and blemishes!

If you do experience a small spill, don’t panic. You’ll probably be able to take care of it at home on your own. It’s crucial that you act quickly though to make sure the blotch doesn’t stain the rug. Scrape or blot up as much of the spill or blemish as you can using club soda or cold water to dilute. Make sure that you only use cold water though when water is called for in order to avoid setting stains.


If the spill is greasy, sponge gently with grease solvent or apply detergent. For non-greasy spills, sponge with a solution of one teaspoon of liquid detergent to one cup water. Do not use soap and water! Animal stains can be taken care of by sponging freely with cold water. Apply a solution of three tablespoons white vinegar to one quart water, then sponge with detergent suds and rinse. A note on sponging: make sure to work lightly from the center to edges, sponging the edges irregularly to “feather” the area. Blot until the spill is damp or dry quickly to avoid rings.

If the mishap is too large to handle on your own, call us to find out the best course of action. We’ll suggest a temporary remedy for you until professional help arrives.

Always being prepared for the worst is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to rugs. If you follow this outlined advice, you’ll know what to do in the case of a rug emergency and be able to tackle any small spill or blemish with ease. You can keep your rug looking pristine and like the prized piece of art that it is.

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Make an Emergency Carpet Stain Tool Kit

Most household carpet spills and stains are minor enough to handle on your own. So when those mishaps occur, itbs important to have all the necessary gear in place to tackle the stain quickly and efficiently.

Do you have an emergency carpet stain tool kit? If not, itbs time to get one together today! It should contain the following:

  • Woolite
  • Oxygen bleach
  • Grease solvent – dry cleaning fluid or spot remover
  • Nail polish remover
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Turpentine
  • Club Soda

A combination of these items will usually nip your carpet stain blunders in the bud. But if you have a major carpet disaster on your hands, let the professionals at Dover Rug & Home handle it for you. Contact us in New England today for additional information about our carpet cleaning services.

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