Preparing Your Rugs for the Holidays

The holiday season is here and that means one thing, guests! As much as we love having friends and family over this time of year, there is no denying that the extra traffic can cause wear and tear. With so many people in and out, your house is inevitably at higher risk for damage, and that includes your rugs. This season take one concern off your plate by following a few steps to ensure your rugs make it to the New Year in great condition.

holly-holiday-rug-floor-area-runner-holiday-backgrounds-600x380Apply a high quality stain protector.

Stain protectors do wonders for rugs and carpets used regularly. When applied correctly, they reduce permanent stains by repelling spillage, which allows you to remove spots more effectively.


Move your favorite rugs out of high traffic areas.

Of course you still want to display your favorite area rugs, but consider moving them to a room with less foot traffic, but where they can still be displayed. Even better, decorate a wall!


Clean and vacuum immediately after guests leave.


Check your area rug for any stains so that you can clean them as soon as possible, minimizing the risk of permanent damage. It’s also wise to vacuum to prevent away any debris from being accidentally ground into the fiber by footfall.

With these few simple steps you will be able to better enjoy your time with friends and family, knowing that your rugs are safe.


A Message of Hope

Every rug has a story to tell. But what kind of rug would you weave to tell the story of this year? 2014. All of our interlocking moments of sadness and of joy. Threads of eternal hope. Dreams of peace. A great national conversation about the future. The power of nature. The power of love to heal and to help. All the great ups and downs of our world. A story that, perhaps, can only be told in the symbols and traditions of the weaver. Spun naturally….as it is given. As any great story… artist’s attempt to bring significance to our harried lives.

Rumi, considered the greatest of all the greatest Sufi poets and mystics, had this to say- “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. Let’s meet there.”

From all of us at Dover Rug & Home….our sincere wishes for a happy and loving holiday.