10 Tips for Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood floors in the home can present one of two very different scenarios. Either the floors glisten with a polished shine, or they’re always dull with water spots and streaks.

More than likely, unattractive wood floors are made that way because they haven’t been cared for properly. If you’re on the road to better looking hardwood floors, start practicing these tips from Apartment Therapy.

  1. Wipe up spills immediately. Moisture that’s allowed to set in can cause wood floors to warp and swell.
  2. Place rugs near all entry and exit points to catch dirt, sand, mud and grime.
  3. Encourage kids and guests to remove their shoes upon entering the home.
  4. Sweep wood floor surfaces regularly.
  5. Know that the proper cleaning method for your wood floors depends on how the surface has been sealed (usually with wax or urethane).
  6. For new floor installations, make sure you have access to the manufacturer’s information for future cleaning and maintenance tips.
  7. Avoid using ammonia and other harsh or abrasive cleaners.
  8. Wood furniture sprays are not for floors and they’ll leave a slick, slippery film.
  9. Opt for soft cloths made of microfiber to clean floors without scratching or scrubbing the surface.
  10. If you buy wood floor cleaner, test a small patch before applying it to your entire floor.

Image from Apartment Therapy

Green Flooring Options: Hardwood and Cork

Have you decided to go green at home in 2012? If so, flooring is one of the best ways to do just that. Hardwood and cork are two excellent and eco-friendly choices that are available right here at Dover Rug & Home!

What makes hardwood flooring green?

Many families experience the frustration of allergies produced by dust and other irritants that collect in carpets over time; even grout lines in tile can collect allergens. Hardwood floors are the perfect choice if this is a consideration for you and your family. There are no grout lines or fibers to harbor these harmful allergens, so your family can live in a much healthier environment. And for those concerned with preserving our ecosystem, itbs important to remember that wood is a renewable and recyclable material.

~ The Home Improvement & Furnishings Club


What makes cork flooring green?

Cork flooring is absolutely the best way to go if you’re trying to go green in your household. Cork is a natural renewable resource due to the method it’s harvested. Cork oak trees provide cork material via their bark. They are harvested every 9 to 10 years by stripping off a layer of bark. They can do continual harvests through their life time and don’t require the tree to be cut down. This means not only can you have wood flooring in your house it will also be from a sustainable source which doesn’t require deforestation. If you’re ready to join the green movement or simply want to help the environment then cork flooring is the solution for you.

~ Cork Flooring Pros

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