Spice Up Your Flooring in 2015!

Everyone loves a beautifully installed hardwood floor. It will never go out of style and it can transform a dull room into a sophisticated entertaining space. So far in 2015 designers are taking advantage of the new year to reintroduce dark hardwood, stylish vinyl, and classy cork floors.

Dark hardwood floors provide a contemporary and cosmopolitan look to homes while staying versatile and decorative with or without complementary furniture. Dark hardwood floors can come in many stains, but Ebony and Jacobean are the most popular for their polar extremes. Espresso is the happy medium between the two.

Dark hardwood floors are often used as a way to highlight white furniture or fixtures. The contrast between the dark brown and bright white is a classic look for homes. It takes a bit more upkeep than any other type of hardwood flooring because they have a tendency to show imperfections such as dirt and deep scratches.

Vinyl has a bad rap because of the old peel and stick composition that use to be installed in homes. Currently, there is a new type of vinyl called “luxury vinyl” that looks just like real wood but is still as heavy-duty as the old vinyl. It is the most affordable and resilient flooring solutions available and comes in hundreds of patterns, all of which are scratch resistant, pet-friendly, and easy to maintain and clean.

Cork flooring is extremely easy to install and maintain. It offers customers durability and also the added benefit of having a unique look that complements both classic and modern designs. The sustainable cork is warm and comfortable to walk on and does not require glue to be installed. The flooring has many options for color and can look beautiful in any setting – the only downside is that it may fade when in direct sunlight.

Dover Rug & Home provides expertly crafted flooring that uses only the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. From the rustic, old-world charm of hand-sculpted and hand-scraped hardwoods to the more classic, traditional hardwood floor sanded to smooth perfection, we provide our customers with a vast selection of hardwoods, which add true value to your home.

How to Choose a Carpet that Works for You

Purchasing a carpet for your home may not be one of the biggest decisions you make for your home, but it is an important one. Carpets can easily turn a cold room into a warm and comfortable space, are relatively inexpensive, simple to install, and undemanding when it comes to maintenance.

When you look for a carpet, make sure to keep in mind the environment you want to create and what style works for that environment. Consider durability, appearance, and style.

1. Durability
The durability of a carpet is based on its thickness, the fibers it is made from, and the overall construction of the carpet. Take into consideration the density of the fiber strands. How long will the fibers stand up to foot traffic? This will help you understand the long-term softness of your carpet. There are many different fibers including: wool, nylon, polyester, and olefin. Not all are alike, so make sure to research to see if the quirks for each are right for your lifestyle.

2. Appearance
Do you have the walls painted in the room where you’d like to put a carpet? Do you know the furniture that will occupy the space? The furnishings and paint hues can do wonders when paired with the right carpet. Depending on the wall color, furnishings, and specific feel you are aiming for, choosing a light solid, patterned, or dark colored carpet can help maximize your space and even help to enlarge a room or to make it look less spacious.

3. Style
Carpets are created in several styles, including plush, berber, and shag. Your needs are the most important factor when choosing a style, and you need to think about where in your house this carpet will be and if it will see a lot of traffic. Plush carpets can be soft and pleasant for under bare feet, but depending whether you choose “plush textured” versus “plush Saxony” carpet, footprints or vacuums can leave marks and quickly wear down the softness of the fibers. Berber carpets are constructed through loops instead of standing straight up. These are very durable but not as soft as plush carpets. Shag carpets are extremely loose and modern looking. They require more attention than either of the former two styles because dirt and crumbs can get trapped within the loose fibers. These serve better in less popular areas in your home.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the perfect carpet for your space, and give you insight into the important questions to consider before beginning your search.