How to Store Rugs in 5 Steps

Rolling up your rugs and shoving them in any old storage space will not adequately protect them. Stored rugs can deteriorate or attract pests without appropriate preparation. If you do not have time to have your rug cleaned professionally, follow these 5 storing steps so that your rugs will remain in peak condition.728px-1187658--1A

STEP 1. VACUUM: Vacuuming removes dirt, animal dander, flea eggs, dust mites and other potentially harmful substances. Use an appropriate setting to prevent damage to fabrics. If the rug should not be vacuumed, then beat it gently outdoors.


STEP 2. MOTH-PROOF: Call the manufacturer to determine what moth-proofing treatments work best for your particular rug. Do not automatically use the same methods you use for clothing, as fabrics respond differently.


STEP 3. DE-HUMIDIFY: Humidity can cause a rug to curl at the edges. Store the rug in the coolest, driest area of your home that tends to remain at an even temperature.


STEP 4. ROLL: If you fold it, crease lines may develop that are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Tie up the roll gently using twine.


STEP 5. WRAP:  A canvas cloth, sheet or heavy-duty paper will do an excellent job of keeping off dust, cobwebs, and the like. Be careful when using plastic: if temperature changes impact the storage space, condensation may form.

If you have any questions or concerns about proper storage of your rug, please contact Dover Rug & Home at any of our three locations.


Renew, Rejuvenate, Redo!

Dover Rug & Home is always exploring the newest products and services available so we can provide more possibilities for our customers and their homes. Rugs have the power to alter a room completely and bring life and color to one that was once drab and out of date. They can also lift your spirit and rejuvenate your house by transforming an old room into your favorite room.

The past several months are peak “buying” times for our industry and we had the privilege of attending trade shows all over the world to see firsthand the newest trends in rugs and floor coverings. From Atlanta to Las Vegas, from South Asia to Europe, the rugs and carpets available this coming season are exquisite! They are modern, uplifting and they artistically combine textures and materials in unexpected ways. There is no better way to ward off winter blues than by giving the interior of your home a face-lift, starting with rugs and carpets!

We are thrilled to bring these products back to our showrooms in Natick and Boston. We realize not everyone’s taste is the same so we feature styles from a variety of cultures and from talented artists who combine textures and materials in unparalleled, intricate patterns. A few highlights of the new rugs we have in stock are:


Slate gray, blue and taupe riff on the transitional style, 100% wool hand knotted carpet. Made in India.


Dark gray contemporary pattern at home in a modern or traditional setting, wool and silk blend carpet. Made in India.


Designed in a modernized style, variegated earth toned wool and silk blend carpet. Made in Nepal.


Pale gold and ivory wool and silk blend rug, fashion forward inspired by the classic designs of the past. Made in Nepal.


Taupe colorways wool and silk blend designed with contemporary flair. Made in Nepal.

We invite you to experience what’s new and exciting in the world of rugs by stopping by one of our showrooms. We look forward to your visit!