Dover Rug & Home to Exhibit at 2013 Architecture Boston Expo!

ABX PictureWe are so happy to share with you that on November 19-21 we will be an exhibitor at the Architecture Boston Expo 2013 (ABX). As one of the largest events for the design and construction industry in the country and the largest conference and tradeshow, ABX allows attendees to build relationships based on proximity, as 95% of attendance is drawn from New England.

Over the course of three days, attendees are given the opportunity to participate in a social and conferences all leading up to the convention. During the social, which is held on the first day, ABX exhibitors, attendees, and BSA members are given the chance to get to know each other over food and drinks. Meanwhile, the conference program hosts over 150 workshops and tours covering relevant industry issues and projects. With a diverse range of topics and ideas, the conference program attracts architects, engineers, builders/contractors, and owners/clients.

ABX is home to the largest marketplace for New England’s design and construction industry, and we are lucky enough to be a part of it. We will be showcasing our products and services, while meeting and building relationships with the thousands of design and construction industry professionals who are expected to attend. We love being able to share what we do while learning from others in our industry, so ABX is guaranteed be a great time! For more information on ABX 2013 or to register, visit:, and make sure you visit us at Booth #538!


Patchwork Rugs with Dover

Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, that holds true for rugs.  But even with the most diligent care, our favorite rugs can suffer from wear and tear. But thankfully, there are solutions.

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 3.16.15 PMRepair and Restoration:

Unless the damage is severe, most rugs can be repaired.  Often just having a rug cleaned can make a tremendous difference in its appearance.  We recommend that rugs used in high-traffic areas be cleaned and repaired every two to three years.  The cleaning process typically includes a re-weaving or repairing of worn spots, replacing fringe and treating the rug to protect from moths.

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 3.17.02 PM

Creating a Patchwork:

If a rug is beyond repair, consider having the areas of the rug that are still in good shape used to create a patchwork rug.   Combined with pieces from other rug, patchworks are beautiful, unique rugs and are completely customized to your style. The best part about this type of rug is it recycles your existing rugs, reusing your favorite parts.  A patchwork brings a personal touch to your home, transforming your beloved rug into an entirely new creation.