Buying New Carpeting: A How To Guide

Carpeting can make a room feel warmer, plusher and more expansive — and with the huge array of colors, textures, patterns and materials available, there’s sure to be something perfect for your space. 1


First Things to Consider

Let your inspiration determine your next steps. Ask yourself:
  • Are you starting from scratch, or are you hoping to marry a carpet selection with existing upholstery and color?
  • Are you choosing carpet for a high- or low-traffic area?
  • What’s your budget?

Purchase the best carpeting you can afford. Cutting corners will lead to replacing it before you expected.



Where to Use Carpeting

Color, texture and pattern can add a layer of warmth, drama and personality to a space. Carpeting also provides a sound barrier, minimizing echo and household noise. Entryways and other areas of the home that see very heavy traffic aren’t the best place for carpeting. There, hardwood floors are a beautiful choice, and when paired with a complementary area rug, they offer the best of both worlds.



What to Look for in a Professional Installer

A professional carpet installer will be able to handle imperfect floors, uneven surfaces and complex patterns. When starting your search for an installer, be sure to check references and ask friends for personal recommendations. If a company has their own installers, that means they will be accountable for the quality of the work.4


How to Prep Your Space

An ideal situation is an empty room. That, however, is not always possible. Professional installers will move whatever furniture is necessary, but it’s essential to remove all of your all personal belongings in advance, such as pictures, clothes, bed linens, and decorative accessories. In short, anything you would be upset is accidentally damaged!







Fall into Comfort- It’s never too early!

Perhaps a chill hasn’t hit the air quite yet, but fall will be dropping its bags on our doorsteps before we know it. Your home will transition from a paradise with windows open wide; to a hibernation station built to envelop you in comfort as you begin to batten down the hatches. Building a space that wraps you in comfort as the chill sets in can begin from the ground up. A good rug or carpet can be a comforting addition to any budding cozy home.

Gathering around the hearth on a chilly night becomes luxurious with a warm wool rug to snuggle up to.  Its comfort and warmth corner the market when it comes to adorning a space in a seasonably appropriate fashion. If texture is your priority, a Hera Shag featuring long, twisted yarn is not only comfortable, but its quality makes it distinctly different from your average shag rug; a perfect autumnal addition.

With the fall often comes the arduous task of staying ahead of sports related messes. Nothing handles cleats, dirt, and mud better than a hand-knotted rug. Ranking 10/10 on durability, the pile challenges you to hit it with its best shot. If you find yourself more concerned with a rug that can stand up to multiple cleanings, a polypropylene rug is your best bet.  Its supreme color retention ability will assure that no quality will be lost while life revolves around your hectic home.

Customization is key, and the degree of coziness you wish to see in your home can be personalized by any high-end retailer’s vast selection of floor adorning options. Whether you’re on the go, or an indoor fanatic, when it comes to the cooler weather, a rug or carpet can be the perfect accessory.
With tax free weekend on the horizon, beginning August 15, it’s not too early to head on over to one of our Dover Rug & Home locations to pick out the dream flooring option for your home this fall!