Rug Style: Traditional

Traditional-style rugs are a mainstay in homes everywhere. But why?

One of the main reasons is that they blend seamlessly with just about any and every interior design style. This goes for both custom-made rugs and those that are mass distributed. Country, modern, contemporary and rustic – traditional rugs have made a name for themselves. Hints of various ethnicities and cultures automatically add character like no other design element.

As most rug experts will tell you, it’s best to start with a good rug when designing a room from scratch. It’s much easier to choose a beautiful rug and find decor items to match rather search for a rug that blends in with everything you already have.

Traditional rugs are also a gem because they possess one hidden benefit. They are perfect for hiding spills and stains! In high traffic areas and/or homes with kids and pets, the designs on these rugs help to camouflage the frequent accidents that might occur. The same is not true for solid colored rugs.

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