Mixing Patterns

Mix It Up

There’s no governing dictate that states all rugs and carpeting must sing one note. In fact, with a little ingenuity and the right guidelines, mixing and layering patterns can give way to a harmonious final product. With these few tips in mind you’ll avoid discordance and sail right into a bold statement guaranteed to illuminate your space.


A great place to begin is with consideration of color. This may seem counter-intuitive to the concept of mixing, but a color selection should coordinate to the room’s existing color scheme. The difference between matching and coordinating is just enough to shake things up, but keep you from ending up with a final product that completely clashes.

The next step is when things become personal. Your preference can dictate whether you select a traditional, transitional, or contemporary style rug. If you’re not sure where your preference resides, transitional designs are a savvy selection. Like a chameleon, these designs tend to work in most interiors from traditional to contemporary spaces.

Don’t be afraid to be bold in your selections— a patterned rug can create an eye-catching focal point that doesn’t necessarily compete with the furniture in the room.

Dover 144621 Room Shot

With a solid foundation of color and style established, mixing patterns becomes a breeze with a few easy steps. For starters, once you’ve selected your color, pick another rug that stays within the existing color family. For example, pastels stay with pastels. This will keep the room’s varying patterns from vying for the eye’s attention. Next, be sure the rug’s pattern and scale is precisely different from the already existing patterns in the room. To expound, if a room’s armchair has intricate floral upholstery, an overly scaled geometric rug design could be a suitable counterpart. When you begin mixing with several patterns, remember to match at least two of the existing patterns— but be sure to do so on a different scale. For example, pairing large and small animal prints (the matching elements in different scales) with a plaid element to offset and create a statement.

High Res exotics mystical zebra

To elevate your mixing to a new level, consider layering multiple rugs for a trendy and dynamic visual appeal. They key to success here is to select contrasting patterns but coordinating colors. For example, a neutral colored rug as a base pairs well with a smaller patterned rug on top. If you’re unsure of where this look could fit in your home, the staircase is always a chic spot with a lot of potential.

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 3.17.02 PMMaking a bold statement, when broken down into its core tactics, is surprisingly simple. The true pay off is the sophisticated and intricate outcome that is sure to impress anyone who sees it.