Dover Hosts Qais Akbar Omar’s Book Signing

Qais & Mahmud

On Wednesday night, we hosted an event we have been anticipating for a long time, a book signing and presentation by Qais Akbar Omar, author of the internationally acclaimed memoir, A Fort of Nine Towers and manager of a family carpet business in Kabul, Afghanistan.  As part of a “Globe Insiders” event with The Boston Globe, Omar shared the story of his family’s remarkable survival against unbelievable odds, living through a brutal civil war and Taliban rule. With the help of pictures of the Fort of Nine Towers and other sites mentioned in his book, Omar explained why it is important for Americans to understand Afghanistan’s rich culture, history and traditions. Even though autographed copies of his book were available for purchase, we were thrilled to see guests walking into the event with their copy of the book already in tow. Omar was clearly thrilled by the turnout and eager to share his story.


Hosting this event meant a great deal to Dover Rug & Home because like Omar, we feel it’s very important to share a culture and heritage of a very important and misunderstood region in the world (with our CEO, Mahmud Jafri, being from Pakistan). It’s also important to us to share the tradition of rug making, which we feel is the world’s most intricate and beautiful art form. We want to thank Qais Akbar Omar for sharing and touching us all with his story, The Boston Globe for helping organize such a great event and the many guests who helped make this night so special. The energy and excitement was extraordinary and we are grateful for the overwhelming support and interest into a region not normally exposed to.

Qais & Mahmud

Book Signing