2017 Carpet Trends That Are Stylish for the Longterm

Adapted from Flooring Inc.

Did you realize that you have countless types of carpet to choose from? Of course, buying a carpet is usually a longterm commitment.That’s why these carpeting trends for 2017 are so enticing: they are durable design elements that will stay in style for the lifetime of your floor.

Neutral Carpet Colors

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A trend? Perhaps not. More like a classic. Although bold colors are also trending, neutral carpets are still popular today. Undoubtedly, they will remain popular for decades to come. Neutral carpet matches the colors and tones of hard flooring. It also gives you a blank canvas on which to build your room using any color of the rainbow you desire.

Ribbed Carpet

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Ribbed carpet is exactly how it sounds – little ribs of texture throughout the carpet. It’s a great choice for a home office.

Soft Carpet

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Softness is exactly what makes carpet special. So plush fabrics will always have their place. Imagine a bedroom without it!

Carpet Tile Rugs

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Carpet_Tile_RugYou can create custom rugs by linking carpet tiles together. This trend is popular with families because if one tile is damaged, you can easily replace it.

Recycled Carpet


“Green” or eco-friendly flooring is a huge trend right now, and carpet is no exception.

In fact, most carpet manufactured today is made, at least partially, from recycled material.

This is a trend that will only get stronger due to concerns with the environment. Photo Source


What’s our final word? If you want something that is both trending and that will last over the long haul, we recommend going plush and neutral.