Spruce Up Outdoors After the Long Winter

Now that March is here, and snow is melting, our thoughts inevitably turn to spring. We imagine kids playing in the backyard, while guests lounge on the deck, enjoying music, conversation, a cocktail, or a cookout.

It’s no wonder if your outdoor space is lacking pizzazz after the long winter. Good thing it’s easy to transform it into an inviting oasis with some easy decorating ideas


One of the easiest solutions to creating a welcoming area is to decorate with a new outdoor rug.

Outdoor rugs bring some visual warmth to the space and make it easy to enjoy time outside in bare feet while preventing splinters from the deck.










Outdoor rugs are an affordable and effortless way to make the outdoors more chic. Choose a bright color or a bold pattern to incorporate some style.


Next, adorn your outside table with a new umbrella, along with some potted plants. Crocuses and pansies have a high tolerance for the cold nights that are still with us in March.












A few hurricane candle holders along with a string or two of twinkling white lights add the final touches to make the space come alive for night time entertaining.


These tips are all simple and inexpensive.

After the long winter we have all endured, embrace spring with an outdoor space you’ll look forward to spending time in with friends and family.

“Intro to Dowel” Event Is a Smashing Success

Interior design is a holistic art. For instance, the design of your furniture should complement the design of your floor covering. Color, pattern and texture all come together in an overall look whose sum is greater than its parts.

That was the idea behind our Intro to Dowel Event in October at our Boston store. Free to the public, this elegant experience paired Dowel Furniture’s custom chairs with Dover’s area rugs.

Dowel chairs parted with Dover rugs

Dowel chairs paired with Dover rugs

Working with Squarehouse Studios, we created a series of tableaux to provide our guests with fresh decorating ideas. The results were visually dazzling.

A seating are designed by Squarehouse Studios

A seating area designed by Squarehouse Studios

Guests had the opportunity to ask the evening’s hosts questions about their furnishings and advice for tips on decorating.

Dover Rug & Home CEO Mahmud Jafri with guests

Dover Rug & Home CEO Mahmud Jafri with guests



Dover Rug’s Hasan Jafri with Guest

Guests also had a chance to interact with the exhibits and get a hands on feel for the fabrics and textures.


And, of course, food and beverages made for a very festive occasion!


Free refreshments for all guests

We want to thank all of our customers, new and returning, who made this event such a wonderful success! Please visit Dowel’s website to learn more about this new company and to see their entire line of furniture.


Looking forward to seeing you in Boston, Burlington and Natick!