10 Tips for Getting a Dining Room Rug Just Right

Finding a dining room rug that is both practical and stylish is no easy feat. Fluffy pile can permanently trap every crumb from the table. Too-small rugs can trip up chairs. But a good rug can bring color, texture, warmth and style to the dining room — making the hunt well worth the effort. Read on for 10 tips for choosing the just-right rug for this hardworking room.
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5 Kinds of Rugs for Busy Households

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Finding the perfect rug can be time-consuming. Given the endless choices of textures, colors and patterns, sorting through them to locate a good fit with your furniture and accessories may require some trial and error. Add to that the goal of finding a family-friendly rug, and you’ve got even more requirements to meet.

If your household is filled with kids, or just a lot of traffic in general, you likely want a rug that is durable and easy to clean, but still aesthetically pleasing. And you probably want something well-priced — because, let’s face it, if your rug will get a lot of wear and tear from little ones, a family-friendly rug may be a temporary choice. Read on for five types of rugs that can work well for families and busy households. Each offers a resilient option that can be found in a range of eye-pleasing styles.