12 Ways to Work With Rugs for Warmth and Beauty

Try these ideas for rug placement, style and size for a pulled-together look and a great feel underfoot.


Besides the fact that they have the ability to transform a space, rugs can define a style, soften an echo and even serve as a starting point for decorating a room. Rugs provide the cozy factor to most rooms. Here are a few suggestions for working with rugs in your space.

Get Creative With Colorful Rugs

We love color and have no problem listing our favorites. And yet… we’re often afraid to incorporate new colors into our home interior design. We’ll fall absolutely in love with the colorful room pictured in a magazine only to put it down and find we’re sitting in a colorless room.

Why is this? Fear. We’re afraid of bringing the “wrong” colors into our home. Well, with a few tips, getting color right is a breeze.


Keep in mind the color of your floors. If you’re choosing an area rug with a pattern, you want it to complement your floor. For example, a dark-colored rug will look best on a light-colored floor and vice versa. Complementary colors make a visually appealing statement.

Add new colors. While your rug can match in the colors of your room, you can also use it to introduce new colors. For example, if your walls or window covers are largely neutral, adding stripes or splashes of bright colors in a rug adds vibrancy to the space.

Create an atmosphere. Do you want your room to have a casual or a formal feel? The color of your area rug can help you to achieve just that. Think about the feeling each color will bring to your room. Decide the atmosphere you’re looking to create and then do the research to figure out what color will best create it.

Don’t play it too safe. A brightly colored area rug can be just the thing your space is missing. Don’t be afraid to test something out you wouldn’t normally.

But don’t overdo it. You don’t want your room to feel too chaotic with different colors everywhere you look. If you’ve already brought enough color into your room with other pieces, consider a neutral color for your area rug. Neutrals will prevent your room from overwhelming the eye, and as a bonus, they’re timeless.