Carpet Installation: Choosing the Right Method

One of the most common techniques is stretch-in installation, which typically includes the installation of both the carpet and a cushioning pad. Stretch-in installation has its advantages, such as providing room insulation, enhancing underfoot comfort, and reducing noise. This method also makes the carpet less expensive to remove and easy to match patterns or repair. If you are considering exposing the surface underneath, such as hardwood flooring, at some point in the future, we recommend using the stretch-in procedure.

A great advantage of this type of installation is that it can cover virtually any floor, even those unsuitable for other carpet installation methods, such as glue-down installation. However, stretch-in installations should be avoided on ramps and inclines, if the humidity level of the room is high, if the carpeting is being used in an office that has fixed but moveable partitions and work stations, or if the carpet has backing designed for glue down installations.

The glue-down approach, another popular method of carpet installation, is illustrated in direct glue-down or double glue-down installations. The direct glue-down technique has many perks, such as making re-stretching unnecessary, providing easier access to under floor electrical, computer, and telephone lines, and usually being less expensive.

The double glue-down method, in which the carpet and cushion are glued separately, provides the stability of direct glue-down carpet but with cushioning, and enhances appearance retention, foot comfort, and overall performance. Both glue-down installation procedures are suitable for wheeled, rolling traffic or ramp areas and are perfect for carpet bordering and inlaying, since a wide variety of designs for both are available and the process is simplified.

With varied types of carpet installation service, it’s easy to get the ideal carpet for your home. Not only do we offer fine custom designed and wall-to-wall carpeting, but our services also include expert carpet installation by a skilled, experienced installer.

How to Restore an Aging Rug or Carpet

You don’t necessarily have to replace an aging rug with a brand new one. Sometimes wear-and-tear can be fixed by a professional restoration. Services include stretching, patching, reweaving, stain removal, and seam repair. If you’re unsure your rug can be restored, always check with a professional first. Sometimes rugs are indeed beyond repair. In that case, it is time to purchase a new rug.

In other cases, you might think your rug needs to be repaired, but in actuality it just needs a good cleaning. We recommend that rugs used in high traffic areas, like a kitchen or entryway, should be professionally cleaned every two to three years.

Dover Home Repair Services

Please keep in mind that professional repair is different from professional cleaning. Repair is more intensive and only necessary if your carpet has permanent stains, such as dye or ink, or irreversible damage, such as burns or holes. Dover Rug & Home offers a comprehensive repair service to all of our customers. Our professional process includes reweaving or repairing worn spots, replacing worn fringe, and moth protection.  Our on-staff professionals can to tell you if your carpet needs a cleaning or a repair.

Stretching: A Simple Restoration Method

If the main problem with your rug or carpet is that it is wrinkled or loose, stretching may be a simple solution. This process involves stretching the rug out and reattaching it to the tacking laid out next to the floor boards. Stretching can bring back the flat, crisp, smooth look when the rug was first installed. To tell if your rug needs to be stretched, look for wrinkles, lumps, and bulges.

Rug Repair: A Sustainable Solution

Rug repair and restoration will not only save time and money, but the environment as well. Repairing or restoring an already existing rug is more sustainable than purchasing a new one if it’s not necessary. Rugs can easily be saved with a routine restoration, eliminating the need to buy a new one and reducing your environmental impact. With a vigorous repair and restoration process, your rug or carpet can look as good as new-or even better!

For more information on our repairs and restoration services, please visit our website.

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