Winter Window Treatments to Keep You Warm

We are all familiar with harsh New England winters. As the cold rolls in and we take out extra blankets, it’s important to remember ways to keep heat in our homes–rather than continuously turning up the thermostat. Do you want to eliminate drafts and insulate your home creatively? Why not start with your window treatments? They will ultimately save energy and money.

Draperies can reduce heat loss by up to 10%. Hang them as close to the window as possible, allow them to fall onto the windowsill or the floor, and close them whenever it’s overcast. For maximum results consider hanging two draperies together, which will allow the room-side drapery to maintain the temperature of the interior space.


Shades, which are offered in a variety of styles, including fabric, solar, and wood, can be one of the simplest window treatments for saving energy. For greater efficiency, hang shades as close to the glass as possible, make sure the sides of the shade are close to the wall, and lower them after dark. You may want to consider deeply colored shades, which will attract more sunlight and therefore help warm your home. Another great option is Roman shades, which feature several layers of material and sealed edges, making them a great air barrier.  


Blinds are a good option if you have a sunny room filled with light. The gaps within the blinds allow sunlight to enter, while the material of the blinds makes it more difficult for heat to escape. You can even have your blinds specially treated to absorb maximum amounts of natural light.


The best part about window treatments is that they prevent heat loss in a trendy way. Draperies, shades, and blinds can all be incorporated seamlessly into your décor, adding even more personality to your home!