Carpet Chats: Common Rug Jargon Explained

Overwhelmed by the details that go into choosing your rug? There’s a lot to know! That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most common terms here. So read up and then come visit us at Dover Rug & Home to find the perfect piece for your home.

  • Abrash:

    A gradual transition in color resulting from the dying process; can appear as striations in hue.

  • All-over design:

    A term used to describe a rug that features a repeated design throughout the field, rather than a central point or medallion.

Transitional rug with all-over design.

This transitional rug is an excellent example of an all-over design, as it features a recurring pattern throughout the field rather than a central medallion as a focal point.

  • Antique finish:

    A process of chemical soaking that simulates aging by altering the intensity and saturation of dye colors.

  • Arabesque:

    A wonderfully ornate design of flowers intertwined with curing vines.

  • Border rug:

    A rug featuring prominent designs on the outer border (the “edge” that surrounds the field).

Antique Rug from Dover Rug & Home

This antique rug features intricately detailed border designs – a marker of traditional rugs.

  • Boteh:

    A pear-like figure common in Oriental designs (you may recognize it from the paisley pattern).

  • Carved pile:

    A design cut or embossed into the pile.

  • Field:

    The central portion of the rug’s design, surrounded by the border; fields may be blank, contain medallions, or consist of an all-over design, as explained above.

Hand-knotted wool rug featuring a central medallion and two detailed borders.

The field of this beautiful rug features a central medallion surrounded by recurring patterns and two detailed borders.

New in the Showroom – Just in Time for the Holidays

Here at Dover Rug & Home, we are always exploring the newest products on the market and carefully curating our selection so that we can offer to you the best options around. We recognize how transformative a great rug can be for a room—they can bring an outmoded room up to date, brighten up a drab space, and even provide a centerpiece for a space that lacks a central focus. Feel free to peruse our collection of contemporary, transitional, traditional, and antique rugs online.

Our newest designs are perfect for updating your space before holiday guests arrive! We invite you to experience what’s new and exciting in the world of rugs by stopping by one of our showrooms in Boston or Natick (and soon on 3rd Ave in Burlington). We look forward to your visit!

Dover Rug & Home new in the showroom.