Uncovering the Timelessness of Oriental Rugs.

Oriental rugs are a curiosity to be treasured. Their enigmatic nature begins with the ease of locating one. Any high end rug and carpeting store (such as ourselves) is bound to carry a quality selection. Regardless of being so ubiquitous, these rugs are treasured and valued like the rare and individual works of art that they are. In the end, we’re left with one massive oriental oxymoron.

All curiosities aside, like any other purchase deserving of a splurge, a discerning eye must be taken to guarantee the desired quality is delivered. So how does one find the perfect oriental piece to adorn their home? It might be easier than you think.

If you’re in the market for an oriental rug there is one thing you can be sure of. You will be spending more money than you would on any other ordinary floor enhancer. The answer to why the wallet must be opened a little wider is simple. With such individuality and variations to the design of each piece, you are virtually paying for a piece of art. In addition of course is the process of creating one of these pieces. Authentic oriental rugs are hand woven or knotted. A meticulous care and personalization is inserted into every rug making them a novelty in a world of mass production. The delicacy of the knotting process conversely results in rugs that rank ten out of ten when it comes to durability and prestige. Authentic oriental pieces encompass both aesthetics and utility— priceless.

Oriental rugs are made in myriad places. Their individuality shines through with particular touches characteristic to the region the rug was crafted in. With their origin serving as their characterization, narrowing down the particular region a rug is from is a great jumping off point towards finding the rug for you. Other important features to consider assuring a quality purchase are; the degree of complexity in the rug’s design, wool quality, color quality, and the quality of the weaving itself. Be sure to be delicate yet tactile when making a selection. Quality shouldn’t pill.

The quality, look, and feel of an oriental rug truly makes it worthy of an investment. Characterized by individuality, a rug like this could quickly become the conversation piece in any home.

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The Truth About Outdoor Rugs

Summer is at Your Doorstep- Why Not Greet it With an Outdoor Rug?

Throw away all preconceived notions you have about outdoor rugs for just a moment. As a matter of fact, throw them away right on to your patio. Now visualize this— a new decadence and sophistication in your outdoor space, all from the simple addition of an outdoor rug.
The confines of patterns and space that tend to characterize indoor rugs hardly exist with outdoor pieces. Creativity can explode with a litany of patterns, colors, textures… almost anything goes outside!

Perhaps you’re thinking- “the outdoors is nothing more than a cesspool for stains; a rug will hardly last a month out in the elements”. The truth is many outdoor rugs are actually characterized by their easy care. The yarns can be UV, stain, and water resistant. If a stain is made, it can be as simple as hosing down the rug and leaving it out in the sun to dry. Need to vacuum? Not a problem. Just be sure to vacuum in the direction of the pile- like stroking a cat’s fur. If cleaning still isn’t your thing, you can always feel free to bring your rug to any of our Dover Rug & Home stores. From routine cleaning to full restoration- the original feel and beauty of the rug is guaranteed to be renewed. And don’t forget our TENT SALE – going on now in both showroom locations.