The Perfect Rug for the Lived in Home

Let’s face it; our homes are not museums with glorious “Do Not Touch” signs. With kids, pets, and company (oh my) life is constantly happening around our rugs— but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the aesthetics and luxury you deserve. Here are some pointers on how to find the best carpet or rug for your hectic household.

1. Let’s Talk About Pets Baby: Regular vacuuming and grooming are always the first fight in the pets-carpet battle. To help build up your defense, a low pile rug is your best offense. It’s by far the easiest to clean up accidents. You also want to seek out darker colors and smaller patterns so stains won’t become the focal point of a design. Avoid any continuous loop carpets because of their tendency to catch; your rug is certainly not a scratching post. Wool is no doubt the easiest to clean if you need a jumping off point for fabric.

2. You’ve got to be KIDding me: Kids and area rugs are like peas and carrots… if carrots protected peas from wear and tear. Area rugs are great for protecting floors from a lot of movement. Something in a material like jute or sisal is great in a pinch, provides a fun earthy texture, and they’re incredibly durable. If you’re willing to spend a little more for a longer lasting piece, wool is also great around kids. Use double sided tape or no skid pads underneath to add an element of safety and prevent slipping. Similar to homes with pets, with kids in the house look for a darker colored rug to help make stains less prevalent.

3. Hey Big Spillers: If you find yourself in a home with lots of things hitting the ground, there’s one word for you: wool. Wool as a fabric naturally repels many food and drink spills as well as oil (think oil from any skin contact or dragged in on the bottom of shoes). Although it’s not natural to the material itself, coating on nylon carpet is also a strong contender for best stain resistant material. Good coating both resists spills and it doesn’t attract oil. On the flip side there are oil based carpet materials like Polyester and olefin. These two are aces when it comes to spills, but they do attract oil- so be sure to take of your shoes before walking around on them.


Your home can put the fun in functional and there’s no better way to do so than with a rug or carpet.

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How to Pick the Best Rug for You

Spring is heralded as a time for change, so what better than to change your rug?

The rug is the true focal point of a room; its presence completes it- its absence stimulates an uneasy sense of lacking. With so much to keep in mind, picking out a rug can seem like a daunting task. Keep these few key tips in mind however, and you can achieve the utmost carpeting confidence.

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  1. Be aware of the size of the space: When looking to fill a larger space, the rule of thumb is to pick a rug two feet shorter than the smallest wall. For example in a 10 X 12 room use the 10 foot wall as a reference. Also be sure to swing out any doors in the room and make sure they don’t get stopped up on the rug.
  2. Consider the furniture: It can be aesthetically pleasing and cost savvy to avoid “hiding” your rug under furniture. If you can buy a smaller rug that isn’t covered over by furniture in the room, do so. If not, make sure your rug is large enough to be seen on all sides.

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  3. Consider the room: Rugs can be art- maybe even the funkiest part of your room. However, one creative license you do not want to take is to clash the shape of the rug with the shape of the room itself. Keep it simple; you have a square shaped room, don’t use a circular rug.

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  4.  It’s okay to splurge: People are often so hesitant to splurge on a rug for fear of damage, but fear no more! The rug is such an important piece of a room it’s key to seek out the best quality your budget will afford. To put the stain-conscious at ease, re-entertain the possibility of a fabric like wool. Over time wool handles wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, fresh air exposure and sunlight (you know, your basic collateral from having a house that’s well…lived in) and proves to be the splurge you deserve.

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