Rug Shapes and How to Use Them

Traditionally, area rugs are rectangular. These shapes work well with typical furniture and room layout. They’re beautiful, practical, and a sure bet. But, if you’re in the mood to try something a little outside the box, the rectangular rug may not be what you’re looking for. You may want to consider a circle or an oval, a square, or something entirely different to get a unique feel. But the trick is getting this right. Because these shapes aren’t as common, we’re not as familiar with how to incorporate them seamlessly. But with a few tips, they’ll look flawless in your home.

Circle/Oval Area Rugs: These rugs tend to evoke an informal feel in a room. For that reason they are best suited for a kid’s room, mudroom, or an oddly shaped space. They also work really well in a square room! Incorporate them into a room that you feel lacks visual appeal or into a room that feels claustrophobic. They can actually trick the eye into thinking that a room is larger than it is!


Square Area Rugs: Although they may seem very similar, square rugs can work very differently when compared to rectangular rugs. For example, one of the best uses of a square rug is under a square or circular dining table. A rectangular rug would look a bit off in a spot like this, but a square rug creates a much more cohesive look. Square rugs are also the obvious choice in a square room or square entry way where, again, a rectangular rug might look a little out of place.


Don’t shy away from less traditional area rug shapes, because they may just be what your room is lacking!

We Won the Community Excellence Award!

Back in September, we were tremendously honored to find out we were selected as finalists in the first generation category of the Family Business Associations Awards! We are very proud to announce that we won the “Community Excellence Award” at last night’s ceremony in Cambridge!


The Family Business Association, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization designed to promote family businesses and family business achievements in Massachusetts. Its goal is to promote the development of creative ideas, services, products, and expertise to family-owned businesses. The annual awards program honors excellence in business management, growth, community service, and business transitions.

An award for community service holds a special place in our heats because it’s extremely important to us to give back to the communities that are so supportive of our family and our business. Since our opening, we have experienced an outpouring of love and we like to return that in any way possible. In fact, philanthropy is in our mission statement and we are constantly looking for ways to positively influence the lives around us. An award like this only inspires us to do more, to find new ways to give back, and we are incredibly grateful!


We want to congratulate all of the winners from last night. It was a very deserving crowd!