Mixing it Up with Patterns

Most think that when you design a room, it needs to match perfectly, right? Not necessarily. A room that matches perfectly can be a little dull and lack personality. One way to fix this is to combine different patterns. This might sound like a design faux-pas, like the room is going to clash, but if done correctly, mixing patterns is entirely possible and quite stylish. A great way to bring a new pattern into a room is with an area rug. Just consider these basics when mixing it up:

Color: Stick with single color intensity! Don’t have primary colors with muted colors or jewel tones with pastels but instead pick one scheme. Pick area rugs that stay within the room’s existing color family so that the room’s different patterns appear in harmony rather than compete for the eye’s attention.


Fabric:  Be sure fabrics work together when you bring different pieces into a room.  Certain fabrics have a casual feel while others have a luxurious feel.  It’s best to stick to one style because you want your room to have a cohesive vibe.

Mixing two patterns: Make sure the rug’s pattern and scale is distinctly different from the existing pattern in the room. For instance, if the room’s armchair is upholstered in an intricate floral design, select an over scaled geometric rug design.


Mixing three patterns: In this case, the rug’s motif should match one of the room’s two existing patterns but in a different scale. As an example, an over scaled animal print rug would work with an intricate animal print pillow and plaid throw blanket nicely.

Distribute: Consider your space  when decorating with multiple patterns. You definitely don’t want all of your patterns clustered in one area. Instead, disperse your patterns throughout the room so that you finish with a balanced look.

mixing patterns 3

If you love a few different patterns there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to incorporate them all into your home. Mixing patterns allows you to bring your unique personality to your rooms and can be quite easy if you if you know how to make them work together.