Dover Rug & Home’s In-Store Inventory

At Dover Rug & Home we pride ourselves in offering the finest selection of rugs, carpets and flooring options in New England.  What distinguishes all of our rugs – contemporary, traditional, antique or custom-designed — is their “craftsmanship”, “quality” and “uniqueness”.

Contemporary Rugs
Our Contemporary Collection is designed to capture the ambient spaces of a modernized style or a traditional home with a contemporary flair. The carpets in our Designers’ Reserve are conceived and articulated by great designers such as Barbara Barry, Kevin Walz, Mark Pollack, and Vicente Wolf. These rugs, which consistently elevate the art of handmade carpet design, are made to be used in great interiors created by design professionals.


Transitional Rugs
Our Transitional Collection is a combination of elements inspired by the classic designs of the past with an eye for fashion forward colors and designs to fit today’s life style.


Traditional Rugs
Our Traditional Collection represents rugs inspired from the tradition and folklores of local culture keeping in mind the designs and colors of today’s lifestyle, it is this creative combination that makes decorating with rugs an exciting experience for our clients at Dover Rug & Home.


We recently added a few hundred inventory images to our website! These pictures, which are sorted by these three categories, allow you to see the rugs in our showroom from the comfort of your home. Visit our website to see our in-store inventory!