Atlanta International Rug Show

Recently, we were lucky enough to attend the Atlanta International Rug Show where industry experts gathered to discuss the latest trends and news in rugs and carpets. We love having opportunities like this, because they make it easy to keep our inventory up to date, allowing us to better serve you.

MoroccanWhile in Georgia, the hottest trend was obvious—geometric patterns. From chevron to trellis, this look was everywhere! But, the most popular geometric rugs were the Moroccan rugs. Often made of wool, these high pile, plush rugs were most available in blues, blacks, greys, and browns.

Speaking of colors, the blue and grey color combo is definitely one to keep your eye on. It seemed like everything was made with these colors. Traditional rugs, contemporary rugs, transitional rugs, carpets, everything was available in blue and grey or a variation of these colors.

We left with a lot of insight into popular styles and we left with the styles themselves, making sure we have plenty of today’s trendy rugs.


Mahmud Jafri, George Sharpe of Nourison, Hasan Jafri

Protecting your Rugs from Water Damage

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 2.05.44 PMThis summer isn’t going exactly as planned! It seems that every weekend, just as we’re making our beach plans, the skies turn grey, and once again, we have to spend our days off indoors, avoiding the rain. And, who is just as unhappy about the habitual, bleak forecasts—your rugs. Water damage can cause rugs to smell and even grow mold. But, don’t worry this isn’t another doom forecast that you’ve grown so used to! The money you spent on that gorgeous rug didn’t go to waste, because you can protect any rug and even reverse the effects of water damage.

Preventing water damage: Protecting your rugs is simple with water resistant spray. It is such a small investment, but the easy to use spray can go a long way in keeping your favorite rug safe. As long as you follow the instructions on the bottle and apply it as often as says necessary, water damage will be significantly less threatening. Water resistant rugs are another option. With fewer options, you may only want to buy these rugs for high traffic areas, where water damage is more prevalent.

Reversing water damage: To reverse the effects you need to immediately take action, because your rug needs to be completely dry in 12 hours in order to prevent permanent damage. After removing the excess water, which can be done by a professional restoration technician, your rug should be treated with a disinfectant to minimize the risk of mold, fungi, and bacteria. Once it is treated, it is important to stay off of the rug until it is completely dry so that the structure of the rug, which is more delicate when wet, isn’t further damaged. We suggest moving the rug and laying it flat in a room you don’t typically use.

Water damage can create a big mess, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to. The sooner you take steps to protect your rugs the smaller the mess will be.