Outdoor Decorating with Dover Rug & Home

With Memorial Day on Monday and summer right around the corner, there is no better time to update your outdoor space. Whether you are grilling, entertaining, or just relaxing you want your deck or patio to be fresh and fun. What better way do so than with a bold and vibrant rug?

But, how do you find the right rug for your outdoor space? Following these tips will ensure you choose one that suits not only your space, but you as well.

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Placement: Outdoor rugs, which are made of UV, stain, and water resistant yarn, are the perfect accessories for many locations. Your patio, porch, deck, breezeway, or gazebo can instantly be brought to life with a new rug. To find the right spot for your rug you should consider a focal point and then use your rug to compliment this focal point.

Size: Before shopping, carefully measure the area in which you plan to place your rug. If you are planning to cover a large space like a deck or patio, it is recommended that you leave at least 3 inches on all sides to create a bordered effect. If you plan to use the rug to compliment furniture, you should buy one large enough to place your furniture entirely on the rug or big enough to place the front legs of the furniture on the rug.


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Pattern: Nowadays, outdoor rugs typically flaunt ikat or geometric patterns as these patterns offer a contrast to the natural colors of your outdoor surroundings. These bold patterns tend to look best when peeking out from under furniture, but calmer patterns should be used if the rug is standing alone.

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Local Girl Scouts Learn Cultural Lesson at Dover Rug & Home

On April 29th, a group of atypical clients came through the Natick showroom. The Girl Scouts of Newton participated in Dover Rug & Home’s Outreach program. Open to schools and youth organizations throughout the area, this educational-based program on the art of rug making focuses on the craft and helps build a better understanding of the Muslim culture while telling the “story” behind each hand-woven rug.  Now in its 20th year, this has been an extremely successful program and was recently featured in the Boston Globe.

The group of young ladies enjoyed their experience at the showroom, as they were shown the various methods used to create a rug. From gathering the wool and materials, enabling the techniques, to dying the wool, the girls learned the process from start to finish. They were totally engrossed in the process, asking questions as they assembled their own individual square.

Mr. Jafri has an appreciation for the Girl Scouts, as his daughter was an active participant in the organization as a young girl. He applauds the girls’ parents and group leaders for allowing them to take the time to expose them to a culture and part of the world that can often be misunderstood.  The program is an overall great experience for any young individual; allowing them to take a look into another culture and open their eyes to the world around them.

This program is available throughout the year. Contact Dover Rug  & Home for more information.Girl Scouts