Spring Cleaning with Dover Rug & Home

Winter in New England has been especially harsh this year and the combination of snow, dirt and salt takes a toll on your rugs. As the snow dwindles and we patiently wait for the warmer weather, now is a great time to give your rugs the extra TLC they need to get in tip-top shape for the spring.

Consider taking advantage of our rug cleaning service. Each rug has its own characteristics to consider when determining the best method of cleaning.  The age of the rug, the condition of the  weave, and type of soils all come into play. We have the hands-on experience and expertise to identify the best course of action for your rugs specific needs. Your rugs are cleaned at our own facility, by our own experienced staff.

Along with cleaning, we also offer comprehensive repair and restoration services for all our customers. Our professional process includes reweaving or repairing worn spots, replacing worn fringe, and moth protection. Please keep in mind that professional repair is different from professional cleaning. Repair is more intensive and only necessary if your carpet has permanent stains, such as dye or ink, or irreversible damage, such as burns, holes or snags.

At Dover Rug & Home, we believe that rugs are more than just a decoration for your home. They are prized pieces of art, and such treasured possessions must be treated delicately and carefully. With a vigorous repair and restoration process, rugs can look as good as new- or even better! We think this is a perfect way to start your “spring cleaning.”

Dover Rug & Home Spring Line Preview

Spring is right around the corner and we are very excited about some of the exciting new products we now have available in our showroom. Here’s a sneak preview of some of our favorite rugs from our spring collection.

The style of these two rugs is very popular right now and we can see why! Both have ikat designs, which are making a bold statement this year in both the interior design and fashion worlds. Inspired by patterns in authentic Indian saris, this design comes in patterns that range from basic circles to elaborate, intricate paisleys. The ikat design falls into the transitional category, which is a combination of elements inspired by the classic designs of the past with an eye for fashion forward colors and designs to fit today’s life style. An ikat design fits perfectly in a New England home. It’s a great way to add a contemporary flair to a classic Colonial or Salt Box home.








The “traditional” style rug is a mainstay in homes everywhere. Our traditional collection represents rugs inspired from the tradition and folklores of local culture – but incorporating designs and colors of today’s lifestyle. It is this creative combination that makes decorating with rugs such an exciting experience. As most rug experts will tell you, it’s best to start with a good rug when designing a room from scratch. It’s much easier to choose a beautiful rug and find décor to match rather than search for a rug after the room is designed. We think this tribal inspired rug looks amazing in a contemporary setting. Top the look off with antique décor accents and you’ll have a room that has it all!

Traditional rugs also possess a hidden benefit; they are perfect for hiding spills and stains! In high traffic areas and/or homes with kids and pets, the designs on these rugs help to camouflage the frequent accidents that might occur.

All of these rugs pictured here are 100% wool and are all hand-knotted, hand-spun and hand-carded with natural dyes. We think these “green” rugs are a perfect way to welcome spring!