Dover Rug & Home Offers Tufenkian Rugs

There is a unique artisan rug company called Tufenkian.  Their rugs are hand-made in Nepal and in Armenia…designed by artists here in America…and sold in New England by Dover Rug & Home. 

Now, a Tufenkian is a curious thing. It has the ability to transform a room… it also has a way with the people in the room. Look down at your feet…you find yourself pondering the effect of time on nature. The interplay of color and line. The power of simple design. These are no ordinary rugs. They make you feel the way art makes you feel.  And each time you look at one—depending on your mood—it can change.

Dover Rug & Home offers these rugs as part of New England’s largest collection of hand-made, hand-knotted rugs but we single them out because they also reflect our values of sustainability and fair trade.  Tufenkian’s mission and promise is thus: to leave the places we touch a little better than we found them.  The Tufenkian collection and the Tufenkian effect.

Stop by and check out these beautiful Handmade Oriental Area Rugs at Dover Rug & Home.

Preparing Your Rugs for the Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means gatherings with family, friends and a house full of visitors. This is a great time to show off your beautiful rugs, but due to the excess traffic your home will receive during the holiday season, it is important to ensure your rugs are prepared.

The first preventive measure you can take is having your rugs cleaned prior to your gathering. We know you’re thinking this sounds silly, especially when a dirty rug is inevitable after a get together, but by doing this you are giving yourself a clean slate to start with. With the extra traffic in your home your rug is at a much higher risk for a spill and a clean slate will make it much easier to clean up. Not to mention, a rug cleaning will also remove any residual odors on your rugs that you may have become accustomed to, but something your guests may notice.

With your rug at a much higher risk for a spill, it is important to have an emergency kit of cleaning supplies so you can take immediate action to prevent permanent damage. Your emergency kit should contain the following:

  • Woolite
  • Oxygen bleach
  • Grease solvent – dry cleaning fluid or spot remover
  • Nail polish remover
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Turpentine
  • Club Soda


In the case of a small emergency, it is important to act fast and scrape or blot up all excess spills or blemishes using club soda or cold water to dilute. The next step is to pre-treat the area. To avoid setting stains, use cold water but only when water is called for. Depending on the type of spill, you can take the following approaches to get your rug cleaned:

  • Greasy spills: Sponge gently with grease solvent or apply detergent.
  • Non-greasy spills: Sponge with solution of one teaspoon liquid detergent to one cup water. Do not use soap and water.
  • Animal Stains: Sponge freely with cold water. Apply solution of three tablespoons white vinegar to one quart water. Sponge with detergent suds and rinse.

In the case of a large emergency be sure to call Dover Rug & Home immediately and follow the pre-treatment steps for removing a small stain. Our staff has the hands-on expertise to recognize all of these particular details and above all, we respect rugs as an art form and protect their intrinsic and artistic value with care.