Pakistani Junior Squash Team Takes Silver Medal

Last week the 11 day World Junior Squash Championships took place at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha, Qatar. 22 International teams battled it out and Pakistan proudly took home the silver medal after a spirited match against Egypt who they contested the final with for the fifth time in a row.

In Pakistan, squash is extremely popular and significant to the country’s culture. The country usually dominates the sport, with the sport’s top players, such as international squash marvels Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan, calling the country home. However, recent political instability in Pakistan has limited opportunities for its squash players. The country’s tense political climate Pakistan impacts their ability to host major tournaments and the national squash team has a hard time obtaining travel visas to attend international competitions. This situation is certainly unfavorable and the talented Pakistan National Squash team is suffering because of it.

Mahmud Jafri, president of Dover Rug & Home and an avid squash player and enthusiast, is intent on revitalizing the Pakistan Squash Federation and the Pakistan National Squash Team as they embark on their US tour. Mahmud Jafri is spearheading an effort to assist the team by funding all lodging, boarding, and travel expenses as they participate in tournaments across the United States. Dover Squash & Fitness also generously offered to serve as the team’s training facility at no charge. Last month Mr. Jafri hosted the first of several fundraisers to increase awareness and funding for the team.

Additionally, as the sport gains in popularity here and abroad, we are creating educational and academic opportunities for young players through our many programs and workshops at Dover Squash & Fitness.  We feel strongly that the gifted young athletes that comprise the Pakistan Team deserves every chance to be successful.

For more information or to join us in supporting the Pakistan National Squash Team, please visit and donate today.

Time for a Rug Repair or Restoration?

Did you know you don’t always have to replace your old, worn rug with a brand new one? Rugs can often be brought back to a like-new, usable condition with a simple repair or restoration.

There are many different types of carpet repair, and most problems can be easily fixed by a professional restoration service. Carpet repair services include stretching, patching, reweaving, stain removal, seam repair, and repairing pet or flood damage. If there is a different issue with your rug, check with a professional to see if it is possible to be fixed with a restoration. Sometimes rugs are beyond repair and in that case, it is time to purchase a new rug!

In other cases, you might think your rug needs to be repaired, but in actuality it just needs a good cleaning. It is recommended that rugs used in high traffic areas, like a kitchen or entryway, are professionally cleaned and repaired once every two to three years. Dover Rug & Home offers a comprehensive cleaning and repair service to all of our customers. Our professional cleaning process includes reweaving or repairing worn spots, replacing worn fringe, and moth protection. Please keep in mind that professional repair is different from professional cleaning. Repair is more intensive and only necessary if your carpet has permanent stains, such as dye or ink, or irreversible damage, such as burns, holes or snags. Professional services will be able to tell you if your carpet just needs a cleaning rather than a repair.
A common form of carpet restoration is stretching. This process involves stretching the rug out and reattaching it to the tacking that is laid out next to the floor boards. Stretching can bring back the flat, crisp, smooth look from when the rug was first installed. If the main problem with your rug is that it has become worn out and sagging, stretching may be the perfect solution. To tell if your rug needs to be stretched, search for wrinkles, lumps, bulges, or loose carpeting. If you find any of these things in your carpet, stretching will be able to get rid of it.

Rug repair and restoration will not only save time and money, but the environment as well. Repairing or restoring an already existing rug is more sustainable than going out and purchasing a new one, especially if it is not entirely necessary. Rugs can easily be saved with a routine restoration, eliminating the need to buy a new one and reducing your environmental impact.

With a vigorous repair and restoration process, rugs can look as good as new- or even better! You’ll probably wonder why you ever considered buying a new rug in the first place.

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