Carpet Fibers 101

It’s pretty common knowledge that carpets are characteristically warm, fuzzy and cozy. Still, even those traits can vary widely depending on what fiber the carpet is made of.

Here’s a quick overview of carpet fibers and their individual characteristics.

  1. Natural fibers – This might include jute, silk, cotton, sea grass, wool or sisal. Eco-friendly and sustainable.
  2. Nylon – Resilient, strong resistance to fading and staining, easy to clean.
  3. Polyester – Super soft, strong resistance to fading and staining, usually come with thick pile options and/or lots of texture.
  4. Polypropylene – Usually combined with berber. Pretty good at repelling most stains but oil-based spills can cause problems. Not as many color options as other fibers.

Do you have no idea which carpet fiber is right for you? Visit a Dover Rug & Home showroom in the Boston area for help with choosing the right floor covering and fiber.

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Dover Rugbs Mahmud Jafri Talks Business and Pleasure in Boston Common Magazine

One might not automatically see any connection between sports and home design. But for Dover Rug & Homebs owner Mahmud Jafri, the two come together quite nicely.

As you hopefully already know, Dover Rug has a new massive showroom in Natick, MA. The 36,000 sq. ft. facility is a one-stop shop for designers, contractors and homeowners. But what might surprise you is that three squash courts are attached to the showroom to be used for junior squash clinics and to practice the game Jafri has come to love.

Many people might first mistake squash for tennis. But itbs a bhigh-speed racquet sportb that involves two or four players on a closed court with a small, hollow rubber ball. It’s all about strategy… for squash and for business.

Pakistan, Jafribs native home, dominated the squash industry from the 1950s onward. The exotic land is also known for some of the highest quality rugs in the entire world.

To read more about Mahmud Jafri, the growth of his family business, his love for squash and how they both converge in his life, read his feature on page 60 of Boston Common Magazine.

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