10 Tips for Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood floors in the home can present one of two very different scenarios. Either the floors glisten with a polished shine, or they’re always dull with water spots and streaks.

More than likely, unattractive wood floors are made that way because they haven’t been cared for properly. If you’re on the road to better looking hardwood floors, start practicing these tips from Apartment Therapy.

  1. Wipe up spills immediately. Moisture that’s allowed to set in can cause wood floors to warp and swell.
  2. Place rugs near all entry and exit points to catch dirt, sand, mud and grime.
  3. Encourage kids and guests to remove their shoes upon entering the home.
  4. Sweep wood floor surfaces regularly.
  5. Know that the proper cleaning method for your wood floors depends on how the surface has been sealed (usually with wax or urethane).
  6. For new floor installations, make sure you have access to the manufacturer’s information for future cleaning and maintenance tips.
  7. Avoid using ammonia and other harsh or abrasive cleaners.
  8. Wood furniture sprays are not for floors and they’ll leave a slick, slippery film.
  9. Opt for soft cloths made of microfiber to clean floors without scratching or scrubbing the surface.
  10. If you buy wood floor cleaner, test a small patch before applying it to your entire floor.

Image from Apartment Therapy

3 Reasons Why Bed-in-a-Bag Sets Don't Work

  1. Even if you know the size of your bed, the linens may not always fit properly. And we know just how annoying that can be. How is it possible that a king size sheet set at one store doesn’t fit the same as a king size set from another store? Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence. But when you invest in custom bedding, you can rest assured that your bed linens will fit your bed perfectly.
  2. The colors don’t always match up. Have you ever found what you believed to be the perfect bedding set, only to get it home and realize the colors don’t exactly match your bedroom. Dover Rug & Home’s custom bedding services make sure this will never happen.
  3. Massed produced bed sets are boring. Why not add a touch of personality? By adding your initials or a custom logo, you ensure that your bedding is a unique part of your home and your life.

Dover Rug & Home is ready to help you sleep easier with a custom bedding solution that’s crafted just for you. Call us in the Boston area at 508-651-3500 for more details.

Image by Kim Steele on GettyImages.com