Beautiful Bedroom Inspiration for 2012

Happy New Year from Dover Rug & Home!

Last week, we featured some tips on how to create a cozy bedroom. At this time of year when the weather is frigid, freezing and icy, a comfortable place to rest and relax is imperative. If you need some ideas on how to dress up, decorate or design your bedroom, here are some beautiful ideas from Houzz!

Perfect example of how you can blend different types of window treatments.

If you have a favorite color, why not incorporate it in your bedroom?

Yet another way to mix and match window treatments.

Wall art isn't just for the common living areas.

A warm, cozy bed requires lots of layers!

Big, fluffy pillows are a must for the perfect winter bed!

Don’t forget that Dover Rug & Home specializes in custom window treatments and bedding. We’d love to help you change the look of your home in 2012!

Wishing You a Happy Holiday

Dover Rug & Home wants to wish you a happy holiday weekend!

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