Why Choose Custom Bedding?

The cold weather is the perfect excuse to go shopping for new bedding. A warm comforter and plush pillows are exactly what you need to keep you warm throughout the fall and upcoming winter. But don’t setting for the generic bed-in-a-bag sets you can get at any general store. Why not be unique and rely onB Dover Rug & Home for your very own custom bedding set? If you have an idea of what kind of bedding you’d like, we can make it come true. From colors and fabrics to patterns and designs, the possibilities are truly endless.

Why should you consider custom bedding?

  • Sizes can be custom made for your bed. Often times, the sizes found in general stores don’t fit as snugly as custom bedding does.
  • Custom bedding can match the exact colors of your room’s color scheme.
  • You can add a special emblem, logo or even your initials to your custom bedding.
  • If you have a custom bed or mattress, custom bedding will be the only way to get a set that fits perfectly.

Dover Rug & Home can make custom bed skirts, sheets, comforters, duvets, pillow shams and bedspreads. If you have questions about our custom bedding options, call us in Massachusetts at 508-651-3500 today!

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Furniture Looking Old? Reupholster It!

This season is the perfect time to give the furniture in your home a face lift, especially if you have guests coming in town for the holidays. Why not wow them with some new furniture pieces?

But wait! There’s no need to head down to the local furniture store. A quick, easy upholstery change will have your current coach, chair, sofa, love seat or ottoman looking brand new. Remember these examples we showed you a few weeks ago? Reupholstery is perfect for breathing new life into your home’s interior. Here are some other benefits to choosing reupholstery:

  1. It’ll save you the hassle of going furniture shopping. It can take weeks or even months to find the perfect replacement pieces.
  2. Your input will be valuable in customizing the type of piece you want. And it’ll likely be something that no one else has! Colors, styles, patterns and fabrics are all up to you!
  3. Often times, buying new furniture is simply a waste of money. While the fabric on your current furniture may look old and dingy, the structure or frame is probably still in tact. Why get rid of it when you can just renew it?
  4. The turn around time for reupholstery is so much quicker than waiting weeks for new furniture to be delivered.

Refresh an old piece of furniture with new upholstery fabric!

Don’t make any more excuses! Dover Rug & Home in Massachusetts can help with all of your upholstery needs. Visit one of our locations today to speak with us!

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