Designing with Layers

Quality window treatments are a priceless element in any room design. Not only are they a great finishing touch, they help to set the mood by allowing varying levels of light to permeate the room.

One look that doesn’t seem to get as much attention as it should is the layered window treatment trend. By combining elements like drapes, curtains and valances with blinds or shades, it creates a custom window design like no other. Unique hardware and accessories also help to make dressed windows truly distinctive. If you have a liking for many different types of window treatments, the layered look allows you to combine them without having to settle for just one!

At Dover Rug & Home, our custom window treatment options are sure to establish tasteful and fashionable windows like none you’ve ever seen before. If you want more information about how we can dress your windows in the Boston area, call us at 508-651-3500.

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Let Us Create Custom Bedding for You!

Have you ever tried shopping for new bed linens but had a hard time finding a style or pattern that you absolutely loved? Or how about when you find the style you love, but itbs not available in your size? Even worse, what if the linens donbt fit your bed the way you thought they should?

Few things are more frustrating than not finding the right bed linens thatbll make you happy b until now. At Dover Rug, our custom bedding has the power to turn an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary one. We can make every piece you need including duvets, pillow shams, bed skirts, comforters and bed spreads! Therebs no need to trek from store to store, webll custom create your linens for you. Itbs so easy!

Contact Dover Rug today to learn more about our custom bed linens.

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