What Does Your Rug Do For You? A Series

Rugs are a beautiful way to accent a space, but we don’t always consider the true power of a rug in your home. A rug can take a space and change the way it looks, by adding size, character, and an increased sense of functionality. The question is, what can a rug do for you? We’re going to go through different ways a rug helps your space, so keep checking back to our blog or subscribe to us to see the series as a whole.

Rugs With a Purpose Part 1: The Anchor

A rug works like just like an anchor. Especially in larger rooms, it can sometimes feel like your furniture is “floating” rather than tying together for a true decorative appeal.B Anchor your room with a rug. As each piece of furniture rests on or in relation to the rug, it works to pull everything together, making all of your pieces relate to your design ideal for the room. You can see an example of a room that needs an “anchor” on Apartment Therapy:

apartment with wood floors, lacking a rug

The furniture pieces in this space do not relate to each other; a rug would pull them together.

Now, look at how a rug functions well as an anchor in the next photo from theB Young House Love Blog:

Sun filled  room with printed rug and fun furniture

This room is tied together by the rug in the center; it pulls all of the colors and elements into one cohesive look.

Dover Rug has a wonderful selection of rugs that would work wonderfully as an anchor in your space. Stop in to see our selection today.

Dover Rugs Selected as Flooring Vendor of Choice

New England Home Magazine is one of the many presitigious publications in the design world, especially in the northeast. The exhibit and select some of the best companies and design options available in the region. Their trade show is swiftly approaching, and we can’t to not only see it, but to have Dover Rugs be a part of it.

Cover of New England Home Magazine

We are excited to be part of the New England Home Magazine booth.

Dover Rugs has been selected as the flooring vendor of choice for the New England Home Magazine‘s booth at the Residential Design and Construction Show, coming up April 28-29th. The show features some of the best companies and materials used in remodeling and design, and will exhibit some of the newest products on the market. It’s a great time to see Dover Rugs in action at a trade show and to see more of the industry, all under one roof.

You can find out more about the trade show online, or, if you have more questions about Dover Rugs, contact us directly.