Do's and Don'ts of Rug Buying

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On the hunt for a new area rug to liven up your space? Take into consideration the advice of Alix Perrachon, rug expert and author of the new book “The Decorative Carpet,” before making your selection to get the finest quality at a fair price:


  • Find a reputable rug dealer such as Dover Rug & Home that you can trust and that will allow you test out a rug you are considering before purchasing. A reputable dealer will also be able to answer any questions you may have and offer their expertise for selecting the right rug.
  • Know the difference between handmade and hand-knotted rugs, as this is an area where rug quality causes a lot of confusion. A true hand-knotted rug is the highest quality rug that will last a lifetime.
  • Check for repainting on antique rugs, which masks and alters the quality of the rug.


  • It’s tempting to want to score a deal at a “going-out-of-business” sale or traveling auctions, but you’re not likely to find the best quality rugs here, and these businesses can’t provide the kind of customer service a permanent rug showroom can.
  • Donbt pay extra for hand-tufted rugs. They are not the same as hand-knotted.
  • Donbt purchase rugs with bfuzzyb patterns or designs. This is a sign of poor quality.

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How To Mix Fabric Patterns in the Home

Mixing fabric patterns is a way to make your existing upholstery, window treatments, or carpet look brand new, and the technique is making waves in home design this season. Before mixing just any patterns together, though, take some advice from the professionals:

  • Consider the size or scale of the pattern. Mix a small-scale pattern with a large-scale pattern to achieve the right look.
  • Take into account the density of the pattern too. This is how busy the pattern is. Pair a busy pattern with lots of detail with a fabric that is less dense and less detailed for a pleasing combination.

Here are some examples of designers that successfully mixed patterns for a daring, bold look that works:

Leopard and Plaid

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Animal Prints and Geometrics

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Stripes and Florals

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