Comtemporary Rug Patterns

Do you find yourself in love with a patterned contemporary rug but uncertain about how to incorporate it in your home? Don’t stress you are not alone!

Contemporary rugs can be a great addition to your room, but sometimes incorporating contemporary rugs can be challenging. The large scale patterns and multiple colors used can be hard to work with and clash with certain other pieces in the room .

Solid Color

Try to pair a large printed contemporary rug with a solid colored sofa. Now, the best part about contemporary design is that the sofa doesnbt have to be a generic beige or white. It can be a vibrant solid color, like green, red, black, etc. (Pick one color found in the majority of the rug and make that same color your sofa fabric!)

Common Patterns

Always use patterns that correspond well together. Keep everything geometric or everything swirls and circles.


If more than a couple pieces of artwork are needed in the room, why not try a contemporary mirror? There are some really neat mirrors out there, such as what I call the bsunburst mirror,b where there is small round mirror with pieces of metal coming out from the center. Sometimes they will even have tiny round mirrors at the end.

Simple Accessories

For the finishing touch, keep the accessories simple, such as large coffee tables books, a simple floral arrangement, picture frames or a large bowl with fillers such as coffee beans and candles.

Dover Rugs has a large selection of Contemporary Rug collection at our showrooms and online.B The carpets in Dover Rug Designers’ Reserve are conceived and articulated by great designers such as Barbara Barry, Kevin Walz, Mark Pollack, and Vicente Wolf.