Rugs outside? Yes, it’s summer!

Rugs don’t have to be confined within four walls. Indeed, practical yet stylish rugs are a great way to liven up any outdoor living space. Summer months are made for entertaining guests outdoors or just sitting and relaxing with a cold drink. So why not be as comfortable as possible? Rugs are excellent additions to a deck, patio, porch, or gazebo.

Of course, there are many different options to consider when choosing a rug for your outdoor space. Selecting the proper material is crucial. Since the rug is going to be outside braving the elements, pick a fiber that will hold up against sun exposure, resist mold and mildew, and be durable enough to tough it out in the great outdoors.

Next, it’s important to determine correct placement and size of your outdoor rug. If you have any outdoor architecture, such as a fireplace, make sure there are no safety or structural issues with your rug placement. If the rug is for a patio or a gazebo, a helpful tip is to cut the rug three inches smaller in each direction than the floor space. This will make the area easier to clean around and under the rug as well as create a nice border effect.

Lastly, since it is an outdoor rug, have fun with the design! Play around with different styles until you find one that best suits your outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder color choices or unique patterns.  Since the rug is going outside, you don’t have to worry about coordinating the design with your home’s interior decor.

Interesting patterns create an inviting, bright environment. Just be sure that the fiber in your outdoor rug is of the highest UV resistance value to withstand the sun’s rays. Solution-dyed yarns are a great option for providing long-lasting, vibrant colors.

Outdoor rugs also come in a variety of different shapes, so don’t just go for the standard rectangle! Try a circular or octagonal shaped rug to add a little style to your space.

Whichever type of outdoor rug you choose, make sure to enjoy it! Curl up on the rug and read a book in the summer breeze, watch the sunset on your porch in bare feet, host a BBQ with friends and family on the deck. A rug will only enhance your summer experience!

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3 Tips for Choosing Window Treatments

Like rugs and accessories, window treatments are an important design element. They can add subtle hints of color to a room, create privacy, and frame an already beautiful view. Here are some fresh ideas:

1.     Choose the Material

Depending on the look you want, you can choose different materials for your blinds and shades: wood, metal, and plastic, to name a few. Wood and organic materials create a more traditional and natural ambiance, while metal can modernize your space.

For curtains, the fabric can make or break a room. Designers often opt for simplicity of design but elegance of fabric. If you’re leaning toward a luxurious style, for instance, imagine beaded tassels and lavish embellishments on every element of the window. If your tastes are simpler, cotton is a perfect go-to fabric that is sure to please.

2.     Pick the Right Hardware For Curtains

With the trend toward “green” environments, naturally made hardware is making its return. Bamboo, wood and natural materials are now replacing sparkly and man-made hardware because people are opting for sustainable products. Handcrafted hardware can be the perfect complement to beautiful fabric and room accessories. If wood hardware isn’t for you, metal drapery hardware can look equally stunning when paired with compatible colors.

3.     Optimize Natural Light 

Bamboo shades are great for letting in dispersed light and maintaining privacy.  Soft, lightweight fabrics that do not completely block out natural light are are also a fine choice for curtains and can be fun to mix up with different patterns. Whites with delicate patterns, yellows, and light blues are always welcome in rooms that may need a little extra brightness.

Now you can create beautiful window treatments with more confidence!